The Fight has been revived!

So I’m just going to pretend I was on a “sabbatical” for about a year.

I found blogging difficult because with only so much time in the day, I wanted to spend it actually working on something instead of just writing about it. My other big problem was that I actually wanted to supply blog posts with substance, and not just regurgitate other crap. I did that for a couple posts and it just felt dirty. Then I had some posts about the whole Spindle language thing, which honestly was not quite on topic either.

Eventually I just gave up and stopped caring. When it came time to renew the domain and hosting service, I felt stupid paying the money. Looking back, I only actually wrote 10 posts!


Basically, two things happened. The first was that I had done enough thinking and learning and soul searching with Spindle that I needed an outlet and feedback, and that of course means the internet.

The other thing that happened was that I saw this posting by Dion Almaer of ajaxian fame. I wanted that job. Like, I realy wanted that job. But I would never leave the job I have now. However, it did get me thinking about my hireability. Sure I’m doing something right now that shows off some pretty good programming chops, but what do I have to show for it. The framework I built isn’t open source, and the project I’m developing isn’t finished. The fact is, I have never really worked on a project that I would really consider finished or successful. Sure a couple minor projects here and there, but I mean, there’s nothing I could point Dion to and say, look at that! I did that!

I started making a list of things I thought would help me feel confident in applying for this job. (Again, not actually doing it, but what would make me confident if I were going to.) Among that list of things was some kind of a web presence. I realized that now that I took down, I didn’t even have a site to point to. Being a web developer, that seemed really bad.

Once more, with feeling

So for take two, I’m trying to learn from my mistakes.

  1. Don’t spend money – Until I can be sure I’m on a roll with this, I don’t want to spend any money, that way I won’t end it for fiscal reasons.
  2. Keep it focused – I have a lot to say, but I felt that RE:The Fight was not the right place for most of those thoughts. So I started another blog to keep each one focused on its specific purpose. That one is Spindle Journal as seen on the left.
  3. Just write – I don’t want to just dump crap here, but I’d like to think that if I lower my standards a little, I’ll write more, and then I’ll naturally get better at writing more quality posts faster.

Stay tuned for more on the fight. There has been a lot brewing, and I’ve got a lot to say!


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