State of the Web

Things just keep getting better. What can I say. A lot of the fear I had about the open web shriveling up an dying has been all for naught. The Open Web Foundation is pushing to keep ideas and technology open, Google has thrown in their hat with Chrome, and Harmony has spread across the web. yay. Heck, there’s even an Open Web Podcast doing a much better job than me in keeping an accurate post of what’s going on.

But enough of all that! This meaningless blog was never about that stuff. It’s about my practically non-existent pursuit of building the next generation of web technology. I just wrote this post to say that I think we’re moving away from the fears that haunted me in the night. However, I think my gripes about HTML5 are still pretty valid. I’ve been watching the mailing list a lot and I really do think they’re making great progress. What with the video tag and the inter-document communication and all that other crap. I think it’s going to make a lot of people happy. Including me. I just don’t think it’s enough. But I said that already.

Sooo… I’m gonna start talking about what I’VE been doing lately in my tiny tiny tiny amount of free time. At the moment, it’s called Spindle, and it’s a programming language that I’m designing to better handle the problem space of the web and the untapped potential of distributed computing.